Race Rentals | High Performance Bike Wheels for Your Next Race

Race Rentals


Hire high performance bike wheels for your next triathlon, road race or time trial. Currently we offer a range of Zipp wheels from 303s though to Super 9 disc wheels for you to rent. We also stock a small range of bike boxes for those of you wanting to protect your bike on those longer journeys.

Why Rent? Because who wants to spend $2000 + for a set of wheels that you might only use a few times a year? Aerodynamic wheels can trim over two minutes per hour off your race day time, although there's no substitute for training, aerodynamic efficiency is where equipment has the greatest impact on your performance. Get the performance gains without the cost using Race Day Rentals.

Starting at just $30 per day our wheels are the cost effective solution to adding real speed to your ride. Simply choose your wheels, date and options to reserve your wheels for your next event.